Bringing a Voice to the People of the Nuba Mountains

Why I am a Champion for this Cause

When I was a child, I looked out at the vibrant world with optimism and awe. I believed that I could do, see, and feel anything I desired. In my naïve bliss, I thought that every other person observed society with such buoyancy and expectations. More than thought, from a young age I assumed the world was obliged to deliver its inhabitants with the right to live, and to live in happiness.

As I matured, it was as if I had been given a pair of glasses, and I could finally see the world in better detail. There is, I have come to find out, evil in this world-evil that destroys brothers and sisters, obliterates felicitous moments, and altogether halts creative expression. There is an evil that has and does, metastasize into the dehumanization and destruction of human lives and cultures.

Unrest and travesty in Sudan, in particular, has unfolded before the public’s eye. Today, the Nuba people of Sudan, around 1.2 million people, are being attacked from within their own country. People are starving, suffering and dying. Those who have survived the cruel attacks can hardly be said to be living in the fullest sense.

Therefore, I am a champion to raise money and awareness for the alleviation of suffering, and the possible end of evil for the Nuba people, and Sudan, in general. Join me in raising money and awareness for people who have never looked at the world with optimism or awe. Help me fight evil. Because if there is something I have learned through uncovering the tragedy in this world, it is that evil does not always win.

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